GameINIs are online .ini files, which are the same for everyone in the game. GameINIs are accessible without logging in.

All data in GameINIs can be freely edited by any connected client.

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Last message on 14 Apr 2015

Solidplasma on 24 Sep 2014, 04:40:34
I am trying to use an online gameINI as a level portal for user made levels, however when I write to it or even manually add a section to the ini on the website, it doesn't appear on the webpage immediately, even after refreshing the page. I thought it wasn't working at all, but after attempting to upload a level several days ago, I came back today to find it fully uploaded and working. Is there a way to force sync the update, or is there a reason it isn't instantaneous?
Size43 (Administrator) on 23 Mar 2015, 20:00:22
This is because the INIs are cached on the game server. It turned out that saving INIs was really slow, so it's done in the background and some time after the last change.
Zoythrus on 14 Apr 2015, 04:18:35
Hey, while I know what an .ini *is*, I'm confused as to what they're used for here. Could you please explain why we need them?
Solidplasma on 14 Apr 2015, 08:46:06
Whatever you need universally accessible data for. I used them to make an online level portal for my game.
amkgames on 5 Apr 2015, 21:19:43
Game INI and Player INI are server sided?
Size43 (Administrator) on 6 Apr 2015, 11:16:30
Ajay on 20 Mar 2015, 05:34:42
Please make different feedback function for our customers. or else make folders into Sections and Key function into GAME_INI.
Size43 (Administrator) on 23 Mar 2015, 19:58:51
It's pretty easy to fake a folder structure in a GameINI. You can save a category or something like that and when displaying a certain category, only show items belonging in that category.