These forums are not for support with games. Please direct game-related questions to the developers of the games.

This page is intended to be a single point from which all places where replies can be posted can be reached.

As you can see there are two new - still experimental - sections: General questions and off-topic. I've got no idea what exactly I want to do with these sections, but since I've had some requests for them I decided to add them and see whether it works at all.

Posts without replies

These posts haven't received any answers. Maybe someone's asking a question you know the answer to?

General GameMaker Server questions

This section is for any GameMaker Server questions that aren't about a specific topic. Most of these ended up in the Getting started tutorial. When every question gets its own topic, things should be a whole lot less cluttered.

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Bug reports

I thought it'd be a good idea to get some kind of bugtracking system into place. This'll have to do for the moment :)

Feel free to post a report if you think you've found a bug.

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