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Posted by Ramev
I have a rpg game for android made with gms, and its on google play... the thing is I wanna make it able to connect with other players and stuff like any online game.. does gamemaker server support that? (I'm sorry this is something new for me)

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Last message on 20 Oct 2017

Size43 (Administrator) on 15 Jun 2017, 19:41:33
Yes, you'd be able to do this with GameMaker Sever.
Ramev (Topicstarter) on 20 Oct 2017, 21:48:13
could you give me some advises on where to start? I've tried but I'm so confused.
this is my game and I need to make it online as soon as possible, the game has about 6k downloads and people
want to be able to meet other players in the game but i'm stuck at this part, I would appreciate if you contact me via whatsapp: +573157405218
my email:
or here but please I need your help

Ramev (Topicstarter) on 1 Jul 2017, 17:59:42
Awesome!! thanks man