Need Help With Updating

Hi there, so far GM Server has been amazing and I can't thank you enough for making it! But I'm having trouble getting the update function to work. I've read (and did?) what it says at

But I still can't seem to get the game to prompt an update when the old version is out of date. Is there a more in-depth tutorial or maybe something I'm missing? I've read though each piece of code and comments and am still having issues. Any help would be great.

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Last message on 20 Jun 2015

Size43 (Administrator) on 20 Jun 2015, 15:26:16
Make sure you're setting the game version in gms_settings, and that it's actually bigger than the version you've set on the site.

Update information is sent asyncronously, which means the update information may not be available directly after calling gms_settings.

If you simply want the update screen to show up, call gms_show_update in the step event of your menu object / first room. It'll only show the update window if there's an update. The update screen will handle calling all the other gms_update_* functions.