Syncing Enemys/other players

Posted by MattSigher
If I wanted to make it so I have a platformer that syncs players and other enemys so you can hop ontop of other players/enemys how would it work? (I would like the enemys to be synced correctly with every player and players to be able to jump ontop of eachother)

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Last message on 21 Sep 2015

Size43 (Administrator) on 21 Sep 2015, 19:23:14
Since you can't run code on the server itself (yet), you'll have to split the enemies among the clients and have every client control a few enemies. When a client leaves a room, you can hand the synced instances over to another client in the room, which will then take over. You can use the normal collision events for handling being able to jump on top of other instances.

You'll probably need to use the is_full flag for syncing the enemies. Please see the getting started & syncing instances tutorials in the documentation section for more info.