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Hi, the only feature of GameMaker Server I need for my current game is the online highscores. However, when I try to add the score to the highscore list, it says it doesn't exist even though it certainly does. I use gms_highscore_add_guest(list_id,"name",score,e_ok) code to add it, list_id replaced with the list id of course.
I have obj_gms which is only in one room where I initialize all the variables.

Information about object: obj_gms
Solid: false
Visible: true
Depth: -100000
Persistent: true

No Physics Object
Create Event:

execute code:

gms_settings(true, 1.0, obj_hermo, obj_other_player);

Step Event:

execute code:


Other Event: Game End:

execute code:


Draw Event:

execute code:


What do I need to do to? To clarify, I don't need any multiplayer features in this game. Only online highscores. Thanks

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Last message on 11 Jan 2016

Size43 (Administrator) on 3 Nov 2015, 19:37:16
You should replace e_ok with the name of a script that handles the server response. Please see the gms_highscore_add_guest-script for an example.

Ps. Note that you may use -1 instead of an object if you don't need the extension to sync the player object for you :)
lakko on 7 Jan 2016, 12:00:11
Do you mean:
gms_highscore_add_guest(list_id,"name",score,-1); ?
Or the last statement must always be a script?
Size43 (Administrator) on 11 Jan 2016, 12:33:35
I meant that you can just write

gms_settings(true, 1.0, -1, -1);

if you don't want the player to be synced. You won't have to add an other player object either.

The last argument to gms_highscore_add_guest does need to be a script.