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Posted by RedbaK
Hi. I was wondering if there was anybody who could help me with my GM game.
I have made a game that i believe would be great to play online, but i am stuck as i am new to this stuff and alot goes over my head.(actually i have 2 fun games just about ready to go).

Wont let me reply w/o validate email, so i do that and it takes me to german page (or something) and i couldn't finish the process.
- But - no specific Q's, i have tried a couple of ways to get my game online (GM netEngine, and others) but had no success, and was at the stage of giving up when i found this site. I guess i need someone smarter than me to finish the game coz i am lost.

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Size43 (Administrator) on 12 Dec 2015, 11:43:04
If you've got any specific questions, feel free to ask. I go through all posts on this site roughly once a week to answer everything :)
RedbaK (Topicstarter) on 28 Dec 2015, 05:04:01
I need help with the online side for my game, it is over my head, but the game is ready and would be great for multiplay.
Size43 (Administrator) on 28 Dec 2015, 22:07:01
I don't have time to do it for you, but like I said: feel free to ask questions! There should be enough tutorials and documentation to get you started.
ICEY on 29 Dec 2015, 14:41:47
I really couldn't find how to message you or something (don't worry, probably I am blind like always).
I found out about this extension today and it looks like it would work for my game, I just wanted to ask few things about it.
1. Do players need to register here before playing? (World-wide connection between players, not LAN)
2. This isn't really about the extension but does game ID stay the same when I create a new project? So I can just register the game beforehand and then start developing it (most of the time I ask my friends to connect and help me to test things like lag and etc, so it wouldn't really help me if I want to compile the game and would end up needing to register it over and over again).
3. Does this extension have it's biggest limits, and could you name a few if it does? (For example it's way harder to do one or other thing using this extension rather than another, this does not include 3D, I will be using it for 2D game).
Size43 (Administrator) on 30 Dec 2015, 16:28:57
You're not blind, there's no way to PM me (or anyone else for that matter) right now. :)

I think captain_davy already covered most of your questions. I'll fill in the last bits.

1. Having an account is optional. You can also log in as a guest. That said, creating an account should be as straight-forward as possible for your game's players. Using the built-in form it's filling out 4 fields and clicking register. No e-mail validation is required, so a player doesn't have to leave your game to complete the registration.

2. You should be able to change the gameID in GameMaker. Once registerd on this site, the GameID cannot be changed. (You'll have to register it as a new game)

3. The extension runs on one server, located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Depending on where you are in the world, this might cause some latency issues. There's unfortunately no real way around this.
ICEY on 30 Dec 2015, 17:38:15
Well I live in central europe if I could say like that, so it shouldn't be an issue. Thank you for your answer, so for example if I am making a roguelike game and people can name their characters just FOR THAT time someone plays, I don't really need to add logins and I can leave it as a guest? If so, is that automated? (Person just connects and that's it, no unneeded windows except for character look choosing and name just for one time until they die)
Size43 (Administrator) on 5 Jan 2016, 11:54:44
Yes, you'll be able to use the default login window (which automatically logs you in as a guest if the username doesn't exist), or you can write your own login dialogs using the gms_login_* functions.
captain_davy on 29 Dec 2015, 18:51:39
I haven't found out how to PM either, so please let me know if you do so before me ;)
- I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability:

1. Players are not required to register on this site, but can also register directly from within your own game, and as you said, this works as "world-wide connections".

2. The GameID is unique for each game that you have registered, so if you want to use a new GameID, you'll need to create a new game. However, the GameID will stay the same for the project you are working on, so there is no problem with registering your game in advance and then start developing it, as you will not need to change the GameID.
captain_davy on 29 Dec 2015, 18:52:05
3. Due to the fact that the service provided by GMS is absolutely free, there are some limitations such as maximum PlayerINI and GameINI size, number of players that can log in at the same time when the server is busy, maximum number of instances, and so on. In my experience, you rarely meet these limitations when starting up a new project, but should you wish to increase these, GMS has a "Pixel-system" which allows you to upgrade the limitations to suit your needs. Pixels are cheap to buy, and I would highly reccomend to do so, as this is an important part of what keeps GMS running.
ICEY on 29 Dec 2015, 14:45:18
(ran out of max symbols)
4.Where I could find in depth explanation about syncing stuff? (about types SMART, FAST, and IMPORTANT, I believe), came here from a tutorial and those three were mentioned there. Also syncing interval variable isn't really clear to me right now too.

Thanks in advance.
captain_davy on 29 Dec 2015, 18:52:31
4. I believe you mean ONE-TIME, EXTENDED and FULL? There are some great in-depth guides in the "Documentation", for instance this one on syncing stuff:
ICEY on 30 Dec 2015, 16:22:42
Thank you for your answers, and I don't think I will ever meet limitations on max player slot sizes, if I get it right, because it won't be anything big for vast communities.
ICEY on 29 Dec 2015, 14:50:08
Yeah, editing button would be nice, sorry for tripleposting...
Do I need to create a whole new game so it can work properly or can I just use any game as a base for it?
I mean, is it worth changing core parts to sync or it's just faster to make a new game without running through all the project files thinking what I should change and what I should keep etc?
captain_davy on 29 Dec 2015, 18:54:06
Yes, I would also love to be able to edit my posts ^^

To answer your last question, I don't see why you couldn't use an existing game project and change it to work with GMS, as it is rather easy to integrate. However, it might also be easier in some cases to make a new game and then work from there. Both options are viable, just depends on what works best for you.

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me at
ICEY on 30 Dec 2015, 16:19:53
Well, nice, didn't even tell who I am, anyway, is my email, just in case.
Like I said, I am not even sure where I should start, I have generation and movement already done, but basic one, will work on movement anyway and I know that it must be synced so not really a problem, but I am still not sure about it, if that matters, it will have lots of flying bullets around and other crap.