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Posted by ICEY
Hello there, I couldn't find anything about this on documentation. How can I sync ds_grid? Is this possible, if it is, how? My game involves random generation and I use ds_grid for that, master client currently creates the new randomly generated level and it stays as a grid, no objects are used for that, so I can't sync that as instances, this is where I got stuck, I don't know how to send grids from one client to another (well I know how to do that using normal gamemaker built in networking, but it's whole different system...). (Level creator is an instance and it isn't destroyed when level is generated, and grid is created using that, so I could somehow sync that object?) I really don't want to switch to old level generator which places actual instances of walls and floor, it gets laggy with bigger levels, any help is appreciated, thank you.
(It gets created only once, when loading a new room and creating a new level, then it stays just as is, but I might want to add wall destruction later.)

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matthe815 on 11 Jan 2017, 03:20:33
You could possibly use