Retrieving owner for non-existing instance

Posted by amkgames
Hello Size43,

Full Error: Retrieving owner for non-existing instance 113445.000000

I want to know when and why this occurs? and How should it be fixed?
I want to fix it myself but you will have to tell me why and when it occurs.
Then the problem will be fixed. :)


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Last message on 24 Apr 2016

Size43 (Administrator) on 18 Apr 2016, 16:15:29
That means you're trying to check the owner of an instance, but that instance is not synced with gms_instance_sync.

Most likely, you're accidentially creating an instance without calling gms_instance_sync after it.
amkgames (Topicstarter) on 24 Apr 2016, 06:06:26

I should recheck if I'm missing this part.

Thanks! :)