Game/Player INI bug

Posted by BulleTechGames
Game Maker: Studio v1.4.1567
Extension: 1.8.5b All

1. Using gms_ini_game_write() takes hours to update on the site

2. Both ini_game_write() and ini_player_write() can only handle variables as the value. When placing a set/predetermined value such as gms_ini_player_write("Section","Key",100); a runtime error is caused.

3. They also can't handle calculations either, such as gms_ini_game_write("Section","Key",variable*2);

4. They also can't handle strings. gms_ini_player_write("Section","Key","stringvalue");

5. They also return a runtime error when using string() or real() with the value

6. If the variable is storing a number higher than 63 it causes a runtime error as well
score = 64

The execution error is caused at gml_Script_XGms_ve_getBestWayToSend (line 96) - return (0 << 7) | (VT_SPECIAL << 3) | num;

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Last message on 17 May 2015

BulleTechGames (Topicstarter) on 17 May 2015, 15:27:17
FIXED as of 1.8.5c