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Posted by Grei
I've been getting a bug very, very frequently as of a few months where when i enter any username, pressing Login does nothing. I've also noticed that while this bug is active, entering a Username of a real user with password doesn't bring up the Password enter bar. Sometimes, opening a second instance of the game along with the first fixes this, but very often it just doesn't work. What can i do to fix this (if even possible)?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Last message on 27 May 2017

Size43 (Administrator) on 8 May 2017, 15:24:22
You might not be connected to the server. Try checking what gms_info_isconnected returns.
Grei (Topicstarter) on 8 May 2017, 18:28:15
gms_info_isconnected returns 0. I'm guessing that means it's not connected?
Size43 (Administrator) on 9 May 2017, 12:48:05
Yep, seems like you're somehow not connecting to the server, or being disconnected at some point. You could try calling gms_connect again if gms_info_isconnected ends up returning 0.
Grei (Topicstarter) on 9 May 2017, 15:33:24
I have tried using gms_connect but that did absolutely nothing. I have also checked if any firewall disables anything, but considering that other games work perfectly, it does not seem that the firewall does anything.
Size43 (Administrator) on 27 May 2017, 15:53:22
Are you using the (All) or the windows version of the extension?
Grei (Topicstarter) on 8 May 2017, 20:49:57
I meant to say false not zero whoops lol