Unknown Variable (Execution Error) - gms_init(GMS) IS 1st FUNCTION EXECUTED

Posted by seannie2
Hello! I am a new user to game maker and wanted to make a fun little 2 player fighting game for my friends and I. To play with my friends I decided to try to implement GMS into my game. I followed the starter tutorial and have created the 2 OBJs and the 3 Rooms. The login window appears and I have tried logging into my actual account and using the guest function, but no matter what I do the next thing that happens is an error:
action number 1
of Step Event0
for object GMS:

Push :: Execution Error - Variable Get 100031.player_id(100138, -2147483648)
at gml_Script_gms_step (line 617) - room_id = gms_other_get_real(player_id, "room");
stack frame is
gml_Script_gms_step (line 617)
called from - gml_Object_GMS_StepNormalEvent_1 (line 1) - gms_step()

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Last message on 21 Feb 2016

Size43 (Administrator) on 21 Feb 2016, 21:12:39
You'll get this error when you've placed an other player object in the room. Make sure you've only got the GMS object and the player object placed in the room. The other players will be created by the extension.