FairyWars 1.3.2

Created by YoyoRocklo




Welcome to the Fairy World !

Explore a new World ! In this world , Fairy need to fight for life !
Use your fairy for win the wars , Talk with other people and
Get new Fairy and new Arena !

Patch 1.3.2:
-New Menu and sound Menu
-Bug Fixe
-Character Balance


Download: FairyWars 1.3.2

Forum / Website: FairyWars 1.3.2

Replies (2)

Last message on 17 May 2017

AwesomnessOnly on 16 May 2017, 23:39:53
Nice improvements, however now I cannot even start the game. Whenever I try to click on "next" or "event" I get this fatal error and I have to close the game.

action number 1
of Mouse Event for Left Button
for object object9:

global variable <unknown built-in variable>(-1610512736, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
at gml_Object_object9_Mouse_0

Also, when I open the chat window I am no longer able to close it, it just stays there and it is pretty obnoxious. Another thing I would recommend is getting some cleaner game sounds unless this was your intention. But the sounds the buttons make when I hover the mouse above them are also rather obnoxious and hurt my ears.

I love the new main menu and it makes the selection menu feel more smoothly introduced. It would be pretty cool if you added a border change when you select your character so that you know what you have chosen.

Keep up the good work!
YoyoRocklo (Topicstarter) on 17 May 2017, 18:33:42
Thanks for this comments !

I think i solved the bug ! I would try to improve the menu !
I continue to work a lot on the game!