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GameMaker Server

GameMaker Server is the GameMaker-extension for creating multiplayer games or adding other online functionality to your game. Use online INI files, achievements, highscores, server hosting and much more, free of charge.

There are 738 developers who are using GameMaker Server. Over 2,873 user accounts have been created, and GameMaker Server hosts 991 games. There have been 82,994 logins on 25,524 different usernames.

Battlestep Online

This is a game shooting, magician online. Report error : Thanks! *****Press space to drag item....

Pokémon Social

Pokémon Social is an early version of an online Pokémon game. You are set in a custom made Pokémon region, the graphics are as seen in the third generation games. View more by cl...

First Pixel Shooter: Episode 2

GAME OUT NOW Sequel and expansion to F.P.S., First Pixel Shooter: Episode 2 unfolds the story and future of the races with a style vastly different from the original. Features i...

Infinite Train

Fight and explore! This dungeon is endless! Play for hours on end with your friends! Of course, you'll probably get bored after a while. But why not play anyways? THIS GAME IS S...

Shoot Them All!

Shoot Them All is a topdown shooter game where you have to kill all enemys to go to the next level!...

Angry Clowns

The clowns are mad at you for building a tower and destroying their view at the city. They will try to bring your tower down by shooting against it. Try to build your tower as high...

Mega Shooter Score Collector (Updated)

From the creator of Jedi vs. Zombies, Shoot waves of enemies to earn even millions of points! Feel the rush of becoming filthy rich with points and have your stats saved online! Le...

Super Squareagon

A rough copy of Super Hexagon, the goal of the game is to avoid hitting the blocks that closes up on you. The difficulty is random for every round, so you may get a hardcore round...


Use the arrow keys to gain points....

Adventure of Cubes

Avoid falling out from world and avoid the bad spikes with your cube! You need to finish every level with your friend! 7.3.2014 update v0.0.5: Co-Op splitscreen added! sin...

Free download

GameMaker Server can be downloaded and used free of charge. To use GameMaker Server, you need to have either GameMaker 8.0 Pro or GameMaker 8.1 Pro, and a GameMaker Server developer account. You can change your account into a developer account in the section 'Account' after logging in.

Download (1Mb)

Update 1.6


1. Fixed a bug which caused the player's position to be sent regardless of whether the player had moved or not.
2. Fixed a bug which prevented players form being banned or kicked.
3. Fixed a bug which would cause instances synced at room creation to end up in the wrong room.
4. Fixed a bug... more

Update 1.5.9r4: Fixes GM:Studio disconnecting after 100 seconds

You may have experienced some problems with the GN:Studio (All) version of GameMaker Server. The game would always disconnect after 100 seconds, because the ping wasn't sent correctly. This has been fixed in 1.5.9r4... more

Update 1.5.7: GM:Studio 1.1.1086 support

After having some trouble figuring out whether GameMaker Server crashing on GM:Studio 1.1.1086 was a bug or a feature, it turns out it's actually a feature.

So I've "fixed" the scripts, and the extension should work once again.... more

Most active games

Super Mario & The Elemental Orbs

Now you can play Super Mario & The Elemental Orbs with your friends through online play! The download link can be found here: (down...

I wanna Login

-------------------------------- i wanna be the guy fungame -------------------------------- --- Please click here to download it rather than below --- DL:http://ch...

SlimieOnline 2 server

Welcome to our brand new project: SlimieOnline 2. In this project we will be working on a platform Action multiplayer awsomeness slimetastic game. the main objective of the game is...

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