Update 1.9.4 released + power outage


First, I want to keep you updated as to why the server was down today. On January 17, 2017 4:15 AM, Amsterdam got hit with a massive power outage which took out most of the city, including the server farm in which GameMaker Server is hosted. While this is obviously out of my control, I still wanted to compensate everyone that donated, so I've increased the duration of every active Supporter Access by 3 days.

I'm also releasing update 1.9.4. This update disables syncing if the depth variable on all player objects, as it can almost always be inferred from the object's position.

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Laatste bericht op 1 Feb 2017

Shaddovv op 1 Feb 2017, 17:07:11
Great that you updated this! And ofcourse power losage is not something you could prevent. Keep up the good work and following your updates closely while working with it.