Grid Shooter

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This is the First version of Grid Shooter

Shooting with friends is very funny. Now Support:
I've add some feature:

+ Room (Session)
+ Choose Skill
+ Upgrade Skill
+ Create Room
+ Join Room
+ Transport
There are 3 skills in this game
+ Fast Jump : Jump to a [T]
+ Fast Run : Run at double speed for 5 seconds
+ Health : Add 10HP
+ Valuable Death : If you use this skill, you'll be dead(Dead stat won't be add) and create a explosion to kill others.
Have fun with this game and comment/upvote if you like it!


Download: Grid Shooter

Forum / Website: Grid Shooter

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Laatste bericht op 16 Sep 2017

romzelized op 30 Jan 2017, 15:49:39
hey, could you explain me how the bullet syncing is done?
im having a bit of trouble in my game :/
matthe815 op 30 Jan 2017, 19:00:29
You can use gms_instance_sync() to accomplish this! You can find more information about it in the Documentary.