Update 1.9.8 released

Update 1.9.8 adds a few new features:

  • Added speedhack detection

  • Improved movement smoothing, which means other players now move over the screen more fluently

  • Added functions to protect data from memory scanning (for example: Cheat Engine)

The memory scanning protection can be used like this:
gms_protect_get(5) // will return 1234

This can be used instead of variables, to prevent variable values from being found by a program like Cheat Engine. (note: a skilled hacker might still be able to change the values, but this will stop anyone that is only able to use a simple program like Cheat Engine)

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Reacties (2)

Laatste bericht op 9 Jun 2017

Ferry145 op 9 Jun 2017, 15:48:12
Als ik op downloaden klik download hij de nieuwe versie niet.
Ferry145 op 9 Jun 2017, 16:21:03
Laat maar, hij doet het nu. Mijn fout.