Update 1.9.9 released

Update 1.9.9 has been released, containing a few bugfixes:

  • Added a workaround for issues YoYoGames is refusing to fix in GM:Studio. Instance sync and some other functions now work once again in the Dll version.

  • The previous update introduced a new movement algorithm, which turned out to not work quite as well as intended. The algorithm has been reverted for the All-version, but the Dll-version has received a brand-new movement alorithm, which works much better than any prevous algorithm, especially in high-latency situations.

  • Possibly fixed an issue where some variables would not be sent to the server.

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Laatste bericht op 28 Aug 2017

Shaddovv op 18 Jun 2017, 20:07:36
Thanks for the awesome Update, i cant wait till 2.0 is released. So hyped.