Update 2.1.2 released

  • Fixed a caching issue that could prevent INI and variable data from transferring properly

  • Fixed an issue where the Y position of an object would sometimes not be synced properly when y > 510

  • Added support for the gms_protect methods to the (All) version of the extension. The functions can be used to hide values from tools like Cheat Engine, and can prevent basic memory scanning cheats.

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Reacties (3)

Laatste bericht op 2 Jul 2019

Shaddovv op 19 Jul 2018, 14:51:25
Thanks for the update!
jdev op 18 Jul 2018, 23:05:47
GameINI data isn't being read live from in-game even when inside a step event. When relogging, the new GameINI data is read once, and then you have to relog again to do the same thing.

I need a fix on this as soon as possible.
Size43 (Beheerder) op 18 Jul 2018, 23:12:05
GameINIs seem to be working fine.

Is this an issue you're only experiencing with this update?