Do NOT buy and/or sell accounts

I'm not sure why I even need to be saying this, but there have been multiple instances of this happening. So:

Do NOT buy and sell GameMaker Server accounts. I mean, come on, don't give money to strangers and expect them to just give you something in return.

The original owner of an account can take control of it again. Either by resetting their password, staying logged in, or a million other ways.

GameMaker Server accounts are not intended to be shared by multiple users or change ownership. If someone legitimately owned an account in the past, there's a good chance they know enough about it to get control over it again.

If you can prove that you own the account, it's yours. If you can't, it's not yours. I'm not going to look at Discord screenshots of your conversations (which can be faked easily), and I'm not going to try to judge the value of your word against theirs.

If you'd like to transfer ownership of a game, please send a mail to Don't sell your account.

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