GameMaker Server

GameMaker Server is a GameMaker extension which allows you to add online INIs, online achievements, online highscores or online multiplayer to your game, without having to host your own server.

There are 1,954 developers using GameMaker Server, and 147,769 accounts have been registered. GameMaker Server hosts 2,430 games, and 1,116,431 logins have been made on 299,255 different usernames.

Don't want to wait for a free slot when the servers are full?

Donating will activate a slot on the server just for you, so you can log in whenever you want, while also supporting GameMaker Server. This will work globally for any game that uses GameMaker Server for its multiplayer hosting.

Note: This will not kick any players or lock out players that are not donating. Instead, an additional slot is created that does not decrease the normal availability of the service.

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To use GameMaker Server, you'll need GameMaker. GameMaker can be downloaded on the YoYoGames website. The following GameMaker versions are supported:

  • GameMaker: Studio
    • Windows
    • Mac OS X
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows 8 (Native)
    • Windows Phone 8
    • Ubuntu (Linux)
    • Tizen (Native)
  • GameMaker 8.1
  • GameMaker 8.0

The YYC still contains a lot of bugs, which means GameMaker Server will not always work on the YYC exports. The HTML5/JavaScript exports are currently not supported. GameMaker Server does not work on GameMaker for Mac.

To use GameMaker Server, you'll need a GameMaker Server account, and you'll need to register as a developer. Every game has to be registered as well, before any of the online functions can be used.

Download GameMaker Server