gms_show_login returning unknown errorcode

Posted by Leo40Server
Hey. I was following the "Getting started" tutorial to implement achievements and hi-scores for my game TopDown, when I ran into a problem.

gms_show_login wouldn't work. It would just stay at the screen the login is supposed to be in.

When I tried to check why it wasn't working via gms_login_errorcode, I got an error code of 24. gms_login_error_tostring said that the errorcode was unknown.

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Last message on 25 Sep 2015

Size43 (Administrator) on 21 Sep 2015, 19:14:38

What version of the extension are you using? The only way the login screen won't show up is if you're not connected to the server (or something weird is happening while drawing it, but that's less likely), so please make sure to double-check that you've got the right gameID registered on the site.
Leo40Server (Topicstarter) on 21 Sep 2015, 21:00:34
Oh and also I'm using 1.8.6b if that's what you asked. You should really add an edit button to these comments.
Size43 (Administrator) on 25 Sep 2015, 13:45:58
Seems like there's something weird going on, the average time should not be 00:00. Do you have the gms_step / gms_draw / gms_network calls in the right events, and does that object exist somewhere in the room?
Leo40Server (Topicstarter) on 21 Sep 2015, 20:41:32
So after checking, the Analytics section said I connectend 14 times to the server but with an average time of 00:00. Either this affirms it's connected properly (since it's in hh:mm) or that something fucked up while trying to connect.
Leo40Server (Topicstarter) on 21 Sep 2015, 20:39:31
I'm using the .gex extension for All and I've verified that the game ID is correct. Weird.