2 players are master at the same time?

Posted by Pon27
I started syncing some objects in my game and had some problems, so to test it, I ran 2 instances of the game (in the same computer) and had each one do show_message(string(gms_self_ismaster())) and both instances of the game returned 1.

Is the master a instance of the game, or a computer or the IP?

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Last message on 15 Nov 2015

Size43 (Administrator) on 15 Nov 2015, 20:39:17
The master is exactly one player. The player returned by gms_master_player(), to be precise. gms_self_ismaster() just wraps around this by checking if the master player is the current player (gms_master_player() == gms_self_playerid()).

Please make sure both clients remain connected to the server. It's impossible that two clients are master player at the same time.