Runtime error with sessions

Posted by Zecca
Hello Size, first of all, thanks for GMS. You did an amazing job. I am really enjoying it.

While working on a game i encountered this problem, i rolled back my GM:S to 1.4.1749 and tried a lot of versions to be sure that this wasn't related to the version of GM:S.

Here's the situation:

2 players, same session from the main menu of the game till the room of the game. It works pretty good, both can see each other, spawned istance in is_extended work perfectly. The match end, and when one of them change room (going to main menu) Runtime error.
(I noticed that when the master player leave first it crash on both client instantly, while when is the other player going to main menù first, it is ok, and then when the master player go to main menù too runtime error on both client)

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Last message on 8 Jan 2017

Zecca (Topicstarter) on 22 Dec 2016, 18:49:36
After this i thought i had to change sessions just to try more stuff, so i made up a little matchmaking system and divided sessions.

room_menu: create session type 0 for each player to be sure they are not in the same session.
room_matchmaking: create session type 2 if no other session 2 is found
room_game room: the matchmaking randomize a not used session_type so both client can connect on this session

it works pretty fine, results:

both players can go to the main menù without errors leaving the session of the game, then if you try to matchmaking again, in the moment when the they meet in the matchmaking room (so no instance to sync or other stuff) runtime error.

I tried a bunch of stuff like being sure no synced instance is there in the moment someone leave the game room, checked game mechanics etc.

I can't figure it out :(
Size43 (Administrator) on 3 Jan 2017, 12:49:39
Does the error say anything besides Runtime error?

Would you mind mailing me a project that shows the problems at (and if possible, the steps I need to do to reproduce the issues)
Zecca (Topicstarter) on 8 Jan 2017, 02:33:26
With the new update work perfectly, thank you again for your help