Network Capacity?

Posted by NodziGames
Greetings Creator of this amazing extension! I'm using this extension for a game I'm publishing to Steam. I'd like to know if your server will be able to handle the pressure of a newly released game? Expect about 500 players in the first day. Btw, if I'm allowed to use it on Steam, I'd gladly donate a big share of the game's revenue :)

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Last message on 14 Jul 2015

Size43 (Administrator) on 14 Jul 2015, 22:18:21

Using the extension for a Steam game is fine. I've not set any requirements for commercial games, but donations are obviously really appreciated :)

The most connections the server has had is about 20,000 connections/week. That was for a game with no multiplayer and just a GameINI that needed to be synced. The server should be able to handle ~64 concurrent players fine. I've not tested it with more, but I don't expect it to be a problem.