Update 1.9.7 released

GameMaker Sever - update 1.9.7 has been released. It features a number of bugfixes and enhancements:

  • Enhancement: more reliable banning of users for the (Windows) version of the extension. Changing IP-address will no longer allow users to circumvent the ban.

  • Enhancement: players paying for Supporter Access are no longer affected by slow chat

  • Fix: players are not visible when first logging in

  • Fix: crash (unknown variable 'value') when trying to send a float32 of float64 as a variable

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Replies (3)

Last message on 27 May 2017

perilousproductions on 27 May 2017, 14:49:41
gms_register(username, password, passwordCon, email, scr_register);

This function doesn't seem to be working, scr_register callback returns "you need a password to login" the first attempt and then every time after it says "Server full: there are too many people playing"
Size43 (Administrator) on 27 May 2017, 16:02:56
Those errors don't sound right. Are you using gms_register_error_tostring and not gms_login_error_tostring?
Dublann on 27 May 2017, 18:31:13
hey Size, Im not sure if it is related, but recently when I create new users, they are correctly created but not created in the player INI. Some months ago it was working perfectly with the same code.