Update 2.0 released

Note: This is not the big rewrite update! For technical reasons, I could number this version as either or 2.0. That second choice sounded much better than the first one.

This update adds two small new features, a new example, and contains a few BDB related bugfixes.

  • Improved BDB support

  • Added player BDBs

  • Improved delta detection for BDBs

  • Added broadcasting p2p support via gms_p2p_all_in_room, gms_p2p_all_in_session and gms_p2p_all_in_game

  • Fixed an issue where P2P messages would be sent to different games

  • Fixed an issue where BDBs would not work correctly

  • Changed BDBs from a few, big blocks to many small blocks to better support the world-building use case.

  • Authentication tokens to enable "remember me" functionality.

  • Added new example

This update is paired with the release of five new tutorials, which can be found under the documentation tab.

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Replies (2)

Last message on 3 Jan 2018

amkgames on 1 Jan 2018, 14:33:40
Thought so, rewrite was going to be 3.0.
Size43 (Administrator) on 3 Jan 2018, 11:52:56
Yeah, I just didn't want to get anyones hopes up and disappoint them.