Password lost

Recovery bot

To recover your account, please use the Recovery Bot. Send a mail to:

Use one of these two subjects:

You can click the links to directly open your e-mail client with all necessary information already filled in.

Please keep in mind the Recovery Bot is not a human, and does not understand anything but those two queries listed above.

If you do not want to mail the Recovery Bot, we can also send a mail to the e-mail address that's linked to your account. The mail will contain a link which can be used to reset your accounts password.

Notice: Recovery requests are being rate limited, since they require us to send unsolicited mail to the e-mail address linked to your account. If we send too many of these mails, will get blocked by spam filters. You might have to re-try a few days before you get through. Mailing the recovery bot will be faster.

You may also enter your e-mail address instead of your username in the box below, if you've forgotten your username. If you're having trouble getting your password reset, please send a mail to

The reset-link will expire after 24 hours. You cannot have more than 1 mail sent at a time.