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This page was changed on September 29, 2014.

  • Do not abuse this site or the extension
  • Be nice to eachother
  • Do not post (links to) content that is illegal, insulting, NSFW (not safe for work), malware, spyware, adware or a virus.
  • GameMaker Server collects usage data, including chatlogs
  • The GameMaker Server website uses Google Analytics and Project Wonderful. Both collect data about you
  • Even though GameMaker Server has been developed with care, GameMaker Server is not responsible for downloading or using the site or the extension
  • Depending on the country you're in, you may need to get permission of a parent before registering an account or using this site
  • This summary is only intended to be a "human-readable" version of the Terms Of Service, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy, not the actual Terms Of Service, Disclaimer and/or Privacy Policy

Terms of service

By using, or one of the games made using GameMaker Server, you agree that you'll...

  • ...not post any (chat) messages, content on the site or in a game that contain:
    • (Links to) Insults
    • (Links to) Racism
    • (Links to) Discriminatory content
    • (Links to) Sexual/Pornographic material
    • (Links to) malware, spyware, adware, or any other kind of infected file
    • (Links to) illegal content
  • ...behave (moderators have the authority to decide whether you do or not)
  • ...not misuse or abuse the service by deploying automated registration, automated login attempts or other automated operation of this site
  • ...(as a developer) respect the privacy of your players, and that you'll not attempt to use the users password or other information for purposes it's not inteded to be used for. (for example, but not limited to: Building your own database saving the friendlist of every player that logs in to your game)
  • ...(as a developer) notify the player of these terms in a clear manner
  • ...not use this service if you're too young to use it, depending on your country's law
  • ...not register the GameMaker Server website on traffic sharing websites or programs. Doing this will result in a permanent ban.

GameMaker Server reserves the right to:

  • To delete any content (including, but not limiting to screenshots, game descriptions or games) uploaded/added by the user without permission and without any given reason at any time
  • Ban users or IP-addresses from using this site at any time without permission and without any given reason
  • Modify this page at any time without any given reason
  • Shut down this website, game hosting or any other part of GameMaker Server without any given reason at any time
  • Block a game from starting at any time without any given reason

When uploading/adding content to this website:

  • You must make sure you own the rights to the content and the content does not infringe copyright
  • By uploading/adding content you grant permission to GameMaker Server to host this content on any website for an indefinite amount of time


This disclaimer applies to (, all files hosted on any of the GameMaker Server websites, and the server hosting all multiplayer sessions.

Even though this website & the extension were developed with care, this website and all accompanying files are available without any form of warranty.

This Website and all accompanying files are provided "as is". Use at your own risk. GameMaker Server cannot be held responsible for any damage done by a file, a webpage, a game created with GameMaker Server, for any damage done because the server (website and/or multiplayer host) is offline.

GameMaker Server is not responsible for any game made using the GameMaker Server extension.

Privacy policy

  • Chat sessions
    • Chat sessions, including private messages (typing @username: before typing a message) should be treated as public sessions. Even tough chat sessions are not published on the site t this moment in time, a moderator can read all chat messages.
    • Chatlogs can be saved for moderation purposes or other purposes. Chatlogs that contain swearing or offensive language will be assigned a higher priority to be checked by a moderator
  • Logins
    • When logging in, your username combined with your IP-address, the date & time and the game will be saved. This information can be anonymized and shown to the developers or other users
    • Developers can see anonymized information about logins on their games
  • Content on the website:
    • Everything shown on the website, except your password and e-mail address should be seen as public. Descriptions of your game are public, even if they are not shown on the game list
    • Every change to user-generated content on the website is saved. Deleting or changing content will not immediately delete the old content
    • Error messages, including additional information (for example, but not limited to, date, time, username and history of visited pages) can be saved to improve this site
  • The connection to the server is not encrypted. Passwords are, if possible, sent in a hashed form.
  • Deze site maakt gebruik van Google Analytics. Meer informatie
  • Deze site maakt gebruik van Project Wonderful. Meer informatie