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Blox is a game where users can express their creativity by creating fun worlds, socialise with friends, family and more!

In Blox you can:
- Chat with friends and family.
- Create your very own worlds anyone can play on with friends and family.
- Make new friends.
- Wear awesome suits.
- Purchase suits in the shop.

Explore, create and play user-made worlds with friends and family.


Download: Blox

Forum / Website: Blox

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Last message on 17 Aug 2018

WA_Pr0 on 5 Aug 2018, 17:32:02
This game trash. Cubic Planet is Better
WA_Pr0 on 5 Aug 2018, 17:32:29
Jk this game is good
kerimgt on 17 Aug 2018, 15:04:11
WA_Pr0 on 5 Aug 2018, 17:32:37
Best Game Ever