Usage: gms_login_errorcode ( )


Returns the errorcode when the login fails:

Possible errors:
e_noaccount - Occurs when logging in with a password, whil the account doesn't exist.
e_accountexists - Occurs when logging in and the account exists, but a password is missing.
e_wrongpass - Wrong password.
e_serverfull - The server is really busy
e_userloggedin - Someone logged in using the same name.
e_already_loggin_in - The client is already logged in
e_local_ban - The player is banned for that game
e_global_ban - The player is banned for all GameMaker Server games.
e_banned - Player is banned, but size of ban is unknown.
e_invalid_name -Name contains invalid characters.
e_noconnection - No internet connection!

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