How do i make a rooms system ?

Posted by Chibi
Well I'm currently working on a BomberMMO, and I wanted to know if there's someone who could help me with the rooms system.
Basically what i want to do is to make a system where players can create rooms with different maps.
So yeah if there's any ways to do this i really wanted to know.
Thanks, Chibi.

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Last message on 7 Jul 2017

Ytsim on 6 Jul 2017, 23:24:33
What is the map system like, I could maybe help.
Chibi (Topicstarter) on 6 Jul 2017, 23:44:39
I Still dont have a map system, but i use different rooms (game maker rooms) as maps.
The thing is making various rooms in just a room, if you can understand me xD.
Like creating a lobby where the player chooses to join a existing room or to create one.
Ytsim on 7 Jul 2017, 03:55:04
you should look into the gms_session_* functions in that case.