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Posted by rggames
Well, i bought the promotion update for my gane, but it didn't worked.
Si, i'm talkin about it's development here xD
The idea it's about a VERY simplistic gane with a club penguin or panfu style.
The game's mechanics are actually proggramed.
Ut's being made on game maker 8.0 and it have the next stuff:
1. You move with the mouse and you can shoot to other players and hurt them, like in the shooyer example that comes with the gmserver kit.
2. You have the typical map option to get from place to place in the map.
3. You can also buy and wear small skins. Like, a sombrero or an afro haircut.
4. You get currency by playing minigames, i've made three of them. And it allows more than one player on screen, but it is not co-op or anything like that. You can just kill the other one and ruin his game xd, but he can shoot you too.
5. There are various maps, like, the beach, the city, the mountain, etc.
6. There will be secret maps soon (not avalible in the demo)
7. I'm trying to add achievements, but it does not work, i've already asked for help on the forum.
8. Chat avalible xD
9. I'm working on improving the graphics, but i will do it when everything else is ready.
10. There's a map (Made it after the demo, so it is not in it xd) where you can draw with the game's blocks, a little bit like the art room from vr chat but with the game's blocks and floor skins.
11. When you connect, you have to choose a team so you can team up on shooting fights, you cannot hurt team allies too.

DEMO LINK (an early demo so you can have an idea of what will the game be, it is a little buggy) :http://gamemakerserver.com/en/games/4866/download/

PD: the game is in spanish xd

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Last message on 28 Sep 2018

rggames (Topicstarter) on 23 Sep 2018, 04:36:28
For now, i am making a achievment system that is not vinculated to the GMS accounts, so everybody can earn them! But, if i find the way to proggram the GMS achievements, i will do it too.
Ryaangu on 28 Sep 2018, 14:45:41