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Posted by Ptown01
Hey guys, about 3 months ago I joined this site and showcased Unforgivin, a 2D sidescrolling action platforming MMO (I know its a mouthful). As time went on, some hype was built and I assembled a team. Both great guys and great developers. I was falsely accused of being Pdev, the scumbag who stole all the passwords, about 2 weeks in and my account was permanently banned, thanks to Size, he investigated and helped me out, still grateful for that too. Development was going strong, until it wasn’t. Life got in the way of my vision, one of my teammates was going through a hardship and I have no idea how he is due to him deleting all ways of contact. But im back, and looking for people to help me create my vision, to create an epic game never seen out of GameMaker before! Please contact me through this website or through Discord:https://discord.gg/ekpTDFC


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Last message on 27 Mar 2019

Jocke on 27 Mar 2019, 17:04:44
Same goes here dude. Life always stops me from my visions , though im still trying to finish my game school always block me..