[Free] Discord Rich Presence Extension

Posted by Aouab
Hello guys!

Back again ^ - ^

I updated my Discord Rich Presence Extension and it's now all free , with all features !

Please join my discord :https://discord.gg/ARdpfwV , read the tutorial in #rich-presence-tutorial , then download it for FREE in #rich-presence-download

Thanks guys!

*little note*
I do this only for free , I know people struggle trying to find things like this , so I'm here to help , but know that there was a lot of work behind this. So if you wanna support me and help me support my projects and games , please consider donating : #donations , as I also would love to donate to Size43 for his hardworks as I'm using Game Maker Server for my game.

Don't feel like you have to ! I'm just asking , I understand if you can't or you don't have any money , and I'm not either begging , this is my passion , as I always tell , I love programming and I will always do.

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Last message on 20 Nov 2021

fumG on 12 Nov 2021, 19:55:16
Discord invite link isn't vaild.
Is it still available?
If yes, then please send new link
DinoWattz on 20 Nov 2021, 14:19:29
I'm from their discord server, you need the invite for the extensions right? here's ithttps://discord.gg/5nT5Vs2eMn oof sorry for the late response
BigWhomas on 1 May 2019, 19:46:38
Here is an example project for people to look at and see whether they would like to use it or not:
Feel free to contact either of us for help, Aouab is the developer so will most likely be more helpful but I'm always willing to try!
Aouab (Topicstarter) on 1 May 2019, 20:32:02
He's right ^ - ^