player instances errors

Posted by andymakeer
Hi guys! So i'm new to game maker server and i'm having really weird problem going on.
I followed the tutorial completely, but somehow, my player object are spawning 6 times on the room. I tested sometimes, and it always spawn at the last position they were before closing the game. I also tested without any player instance in the room, and it spawns all of them again.

Please help ;-;

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Last message on 1 Jan 2018

JamSnack on 1 Jan 2018, 06:59:41
It sounds like you aren't logging them out. Make sure you have in their Game End and Room End events gms_logout();
JamSnack on 1 Jan 2018, 07:00:36
*In the GMS object, Game End event put gms_logout();

I got that confused with something else. Use this one.
andymakeer (Topicstarter) on 1 Jan 2018, 20:36:25
i had previously added the logout function at game end already.
Found the solution btw, thanks :3
Pick on 31 Dec 2017, 21:53:19

Are you syncing the player object anywhere in any other code/objects?
Have you tried re-creating the project?
andymakeer (Topicstarter) on 1 Jan 2018, 20:37:12
Yeah, i tried to sync the player health by resyncing the player instance on step event.
Had to erase Game INI lol, my bad.
Its solved now, thank you :3