Destructable World 2 World Caos

Created by LightVelox


Hi EveryBody,This Game is Called DW2(Destructable World 2)this game have been developed by DGE Team:LightVelox,ConD BrunO,Gutorap,Darkness 4Ever,Onixx and Riccardoric.
This Game Is on The Beta 8 the first 7 Betas are posted on a brazillian Site:

On Current Version this game Have:

Difficult= Medium/Hard

-Enemy Ai
-Simple-Advanced Ai
-3 Different Shoots
-3 Different Specials
-Guided Missle
-Enemy Guided Missle
-SpaceShip Model Shop
-All SpaceShips are Editable
-SpaceShip Editor
-Colored Shoots
-Various Particule Effects
-Song Effects
-Space Background Effect

will be make on the next updates:

-Multiplayer Online Co-Op
-Online Save Games

sorry for my bad english(EN) i are a Brazillian

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