Grid Wars

Created by JohnnyVancer


This game is in beta and is completely free, however if you wish to support the future development of this game you may pay any amount for it. This money will be used to develop the Online Mode of the game as well as an Android version of the game that includes Online mode as well.

Also, after playing a round of this game you will be asked to take a survey on your experience with the game. By taking the survey, you get a free copy of the full version of this game for the platform of your choice(Windows,Mac,or Android) when it comes out.

A simplistic board-like game where players secretly plan out their strategies without the other players knowing. As of right now this game only has the ability to handle 2-4 players. And Online mode is in development, if you could donate, that would greatly help me with the rest of the development, I plan to make this an Android app if I can get enough money.


Download: Grid Wars

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