Stand Alone....

Created by littlecoolpug




Alone in the dark...

The zombies will find you....




"W" "S" "A" "D" walk

"Q" buy a gun

"E" swap guns (out of guns you own)

"Esc" pause

"Space" does nothing unless your paused, when paused opens cheats menu, alltough we have had reports of this not working for more info about cheats go here:

"Left Click" shoot

Menu Controls:

"W" and "S" move up and down on the menu

"Enter" Select something in the menu!


Stand Alone... is a top view shooter.

Also note: you can change the gore level in game if your not good with gore

its only my 2nd game so don't expect too much!

also it's only in update 0.0.4 so that wouldn't help much, but it's getting there!

Download it here:


Download: Stand Alone....

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Replies (2)

Last message on 30 May 2015

AwesomnessOnly on 18 May 2015, 03:50:28
Controls menu has errors. The game is a nice quick build but it is a bit clunky and jumbled up. Fairly good game. I like the pop-up warnings. I'd rate it a 3/5.
littlecoolpug (Topicstarter) on 30 May 2015, 00:47:09
thx for the reply, I'm aware of the Control menu error I've just been busy developing my other game, and haven't had time to make updates, but now I'm back developing the game again. I'm thinking about making a Story mode now so stay tuned!