SBURB Online

Created by faiz876creations




SBURB Online

An online MMORPG game based on the webcomic "Homestuck".

A,W,S,D : Move
Left Mouse Button : Attack, Interact, Pick up

( This game is not yet finished. )


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Last message on 7 Oct 2018

KadePcGames on 7 Oct 2018, 07:52:07
So lets get this good.

The game looks nice and runs and feels good.

No skill required as i got the last upgrade without any sweat, as you can just open cheat engine and cheat.

Thought id say it. Anyways solid game
Aaron13ps on 9 Dec 2015, 00:28:42
Well... I have to say... That was... INTERESTING.

I was a little thrown off at first by the fact that it was in a rawr file. I suggest using a Compressed (Zipped) file and using a web site like Dropbox or Google Drive to share it.

I was pleasantly surprised by everything except for the gameplay. The music was fantastic (I hope its all original) and ability to change my character was equally awesome. I know its not done, but I also like the ability to change expression. Little confused on the whole wake and sleep button (assuming something to do with "Homestuck." Overall... Not bad... Definitely needs improvement on the gameplay though, I felt super sluggish and the enemies do not even hurt (from what I could tell).
Forgeio on 22 Mar 2016, 19:19:33
.RAR files actually download much faster, and Mediafire as far as I know pays you money for each download you get (advertisement revenue). just putting that out there haha.