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Created by sylvia2963


my first online project test :)
i will try to make a rpg maze like game


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Last message on 9 Dec 2015

Forgeio on 7 Dec 2015, 15:50:07
this looks pretty cool, did you make the graphics yourself?
sylvia2963 (Topicstarter) on 8 Dec 2015, 16:01:09
not all graphics are mine but the characters are(so for now all you see is indeed mine).
the world itself will be from rpg maker and from some friends who gave me permission :)
right now i working on the session part (so you can join a session etc and go to kind of dungeons to explore and fight) and as well the attacks of the diffrent playable characters :)
Forgeio on 9 Dec 2015, 00:02:56
That sounds very cool, I can't wait to see it! I love multiplayer RPGs, are you planning on making skills and things like that?