The Tower Defense Factory

Created by Jenraux



This game is Pay What You Want, the game is available for free from with an optional donation to support me.

Fight together with your friends in 4 player matches via the internet, LAN or locally on 1 device.

Choose from 12 pre-made levels, make your own using the included level editor, or generate random maps for a new experience everytime!

The included level editor allows you to create the ultimate level, whether you want to section off the map and play competitively, or build the ultimate challenge for you and your friends to face together. All levels included in the game were made using the in-game editor.

Additional options in the level editor allow you to increase players starting funds for that level, as well as change enemy speed, health and how much damage your base takes when an enemy slips through.

Select from a variety of turrets, including Machine Guns to take out fast moving targets, and heavy-hitting Laser Turrets to take down larger threats.

Upgrade your turrets firepower, range and fire rate to keep the enemies at bay!

5 enemy types, spread across 6 tiers, making a total of 30 enemies waiting to test your defense strategies.

Unleash superpowers to gain the edge over your competitors, including freeze time and a powerful nuclear strike.

Think you have what it takes to survive an endless onslaught? Enable Endless Mode on any level to face a never-ending horde of increasingly powerful enemies!


- 4 Player locally, via LAN or via the Internet
- 4 Turret Types
- Customizable Level Editor
- 5 Enemies spread across 6 tiers.
- Basic Random Map Generation
- Endless Mode
- Co-op and Competitive maps
- 12 Pre-made Maps


Download: The Tower Defense Factory

Forum / Website: The Tower Defense Factory

Replies (4)

Last message on 22 Dec 2016

Aaron13ps on 7 Feb 2016, 20:29:59
Seems pretty cool... :3
If you have a version available, I recommend putting the download link in (direct link)
Jenraux (Topicstarter) on 7 Feb 2016, 20:59:31

The game only recently went free, so I don't have a direct link available just yet, but I'll be sure to upload one and add it soon. Thanks. :)
Aaron13ps on 7 Feb 2016, 21:02:41
Yup no problem...

If you have any trouble with how the extension works, just contact me or size43. My Steam Username is
Star_Brand on 22 Dec 2016, 16:19:41
i can't download it :)