Mine Thieves

Created by Dublann




In this real-time, PVP multiplayer game, you’ll steal as much gold as possible. Defend and steal the gold you deserve using the abilities that you will unlock through the dungeons and mines that you will discover.

Defeat your adversaries to reach the number 1 in the leaderboard, but be careful with the miners and enemies because they will make it difficult. Join to your lair and trade with your friends using the rewards that you won. Together the goblin thieves guild will become rich !!

Mine Thieves features:

- Mine Thieves is a PVP game in which you battle with opponents from across the
globe in real-time matches to become the number 1 in the leaderboard.

- Each level unlocked will become a new league where to fight with people around the
world. A dungeon or mine full with miner will be difficult to deal with.

- Unlock your preferred abilities to build your goblin, exchanging your gold by gems.
Level up your mining skill, your speed, become invisible…They will make the difference
between a defeat or a victory.

- Create strategies to defeat your enemy. A defense or attack strategy will have very
different results.

- Steal as much gold as possible and share or trade with your rewards. Chat with your
friends or opponents and trade with them depending on your strategy.

- Change your character to make funnier the competition. Become a thief with several

Will you be catch by a miner? Will you lose or win the match? Will you use defense or attack strategies? Which ability will you use? Will you share with your friends or will you trade with your opponents? In which league will you fight, the level 1 league, the level 2 league…? Which level do you prefer to steal gold, a dungeon or a mine? Will you become a legend in the guild? The best thief in the history? It’s time to find out!


Download: Mine Thieves

Forum / Website: Mine Thieves

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Last message on 20 Sep 2017

Dublann (Topicstarter) on 20 Sep 2017, 20:24:54
Mine Thieves is having trailer!!
Dublann (Topicstarter) on 28 Aug 2017, 11:43:40
Hi all!

A new version has been updated in google play :). This is the content of the new update:

-Changes in the interface, simplifying it as much as possible and making it more "clear".
-Tutorial has been extended. Now is not possible to jump it.
-Daily free chest added
-Correction of some bugs.

If you want toi have a look into the tutorial and you keep the game installed, go to settings/help (pushing the gear button). If you have to install the game, it will appear in the beginning.

If you could have a look and tell me your opinions, as always they will be very welcomed.

Thank you!
Dublann (Topicstarter) on 15 Aug 2017, 22:31:36
Hey all!

Game has been updated with several changes. Give a try and tell me your opinion, is very important for us!!