Great Star-Light Eclipse

Created by matthe815





In the year 2304, humans finally were at peace. They decided to start a space program labeled S-L.S.E (Star-Light Space Exploration).

They found a message from an unknown species on another planet.
After translating the message, it said "The humans and their space program are destroying our way of life! We must take them out."

5 years later, they received an SOS from earth. But it was too late, earth was destroyed and there was nothing left.

Now you and your team of 4 set out to find a new planet to colonize.


Shoot enemies with your gun, and bring an ally along.
Research new technology to improve your arsenal.
Explore planets and setup new colonies.

WASD to move.
Z to quickly leap, (Takes 20 stamina).
Mouse to look around and shoot.
Shift to Dash.
Space to interact, and close the text boxes.

Update Log:
Just released the game!
1.0.1 (Planned):
Bug fixes, multiplayer improvements (E.X, easier to use session system).
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Replies (4)

Last message on 25 Aug 2017

AwesomnessOnly on 22 Jan 2017, 04:48:33
Looks cool, however I haven't even really been able to play the game. The tutorial level is impossible to beat because I can't see the enemy I need to shoot in order to progress. Also, I can leave off of the view in the tutorial level and in the tutorial level there is a bunch of bullets bouncing around in the building where you spawn. I'm pretty sure that also I die without even getting shot, it will just randomly switch back to the selection menu. Also, you need a check for the load button to test if there is actually a save file because that causes a fatal error. I would love to play it but you need to make lots of bug fixes first!
matthe815 (Topicstarter) on 25 Aug 2017, 23:32:42
I have finished it, and the fixes will be found within the next update!
matthe815 (Topicstarter) on 22 Jan 2017, 16:40:37
I also have the enemies randomly spawn in the room, but I forgot to check their spawn location to make sure they don't spawn INSIDE the wall.
matthe815 (Topicstarter) on 22 Jan 2017, 16:36:55
Thank you for the reply! I'll will fix all of the bugs in the next build to make sure it is playable.
Impossible Mode is literally Impossible at the moment, because I forgot to add a couple of lines of code.
I will also display the controls in-game, and on the site.