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Last message on 22 Mar 2020

deep_sea on 15 Dec 2018, 15:44:31
I'm sorry that I can't stop talking about things in the game and get banned. I promise I won't do this again. Please help me lift the ban. I just enjoy talking to others in the game. Thank you
deep_sea on 15 Dec 2018, 16:31:13
My game ID:deep_sea
thiccsans on 1 Mar 2019, 19:06:42
every time i try to log on to my account, the game says "you must log in with an account"
POODGE on 2 Mar 2019, 20:31:45
Ditto boiiiii

also sorry for saying "Baldi x Principal" near ya
thiccsans on 2 Mar 2019, 21:30:39
why were you saying that?
Hopeless_Soul on 1 Mar 2019, 21:39:04
The same thing.
Catbro67 on 8 Sep 2018, 03:24:34
I was banned because i forgot my password please unban me Please!! ;-;
Sans_11UT on 20 Mar 2020, 00:58:34
Hey. I apologize for spamming. I understand that I got banned because of this, but I ask to unbanned my account please.I want to play this good online multiplayer game again. I promise that I won’t spam anymore. Honestly My name is Sans_11UT
Yudax on 20 Feb 2020, 20:50:28
Nunca Me Quitaran La Prohibicion Verdad?
Giyo on 30 Mar 2019, 17:49:51
I was banned from the game & everytime i try to create an accouny it says"you was banned from this game" rip me;-;
FlFl0w on 8 Jul 2019, 06:54:07
it's ban-ip anyway
Gabriel8889 on 12 Mar 2019, 03:42:08
and I'm Gabriel8889
Gabriel8889 on 12 Mar 2019, 03:41:14
Hello mysterytale creator online that I am new to the game and I was banned for speaking in Brazilian and I am Brazilian and since I was new to the game I did not know the rules so I wanted you to take me out of the ban, but without violating the rules ok
FlFl0w on 15 Jul 2019, 02:59:59
Well uh, people aren't dumb, y'know?
read the rules before doing anything

(i know i'm late but meh)
MARTINELPLAYZ on 28 Feb 2019, 19:24:49
irs unfair i got banned i have come to realize my account has been breached by a cousin of mine.
an admin (used the name snow has helped me with this situation tho im now sure if i got kicked or banned by my other account afterwards becuz i coudnt log back in) can someone plz unban me (i changed my password!)
FlFl0w on 15 Jul 2019, 03:00:16
Too bad, too bad
Pokenaura on 20 Feb 2019, 03:07:45
OK so the last time I played this was a year ago and I would say that's a reasonable time i knew i hacked the game but that does not mean i would do it now. i kindly request that you please unban me for all I am now trying to do is enjoy the game and how do you expect us gamers to do that when we are banned for maybe haking once. its like a baby, for example you give it your phone and it throws it on the ground. you're not going to not care for for the rest of its lif just becase of one simple misdeed. i emplore you to give all the banned people one more chance if you would so kindly please. if not you will be missing out on all the people thatg could make this game on the top of the charts possibly.
Cl0ud on 28 Feb 2019, 12:11:14
Hm. I don't think you'll ever get unbanned, have a nice day.
fatih437tr on 23 Jan 2019, 15:17:04
i banned for my not good words but please forgive me i dont do again please i dont do again :(
NewFriskFan26 on 5 Jan 2019, 15:11:13
Hey Admins for some reason I got banned... Can you please tell me why? I really enjoyed the especially since my game lags hard on DF's old demo.
FlFl0w on 6 Jan 2019, 18:36:26
Banned From Game
Name: NewFriskFan26
Duration: Perma Ban
Reason: Found to be speedhacking a bunch of times for a couple of days.
SansSkeleton2005 on 16 Feb 2019, 10:23:37
Sorry to interrupt, but how to become admin?
FlFl0w on 15 Jul 2019, 03:04:19
he's lying, open MTO (MYSTERYTALE ONLINE)
then press F12 while typing
Cl0ud on 28 Feb 2019, 12:08:23
Join the Discord server, talk to get enough levels to access a certain channel, and apply there.

Keep in mind that after you do all of this, it's not guaranteed that you'll be an Admin. Have a nice day.
Mettaton_Fab14 on 31 Dec 2018, 02:46:55
I dont know what I didnt but me and my bro were banned. We really enjoy the game. Can you please unblock us.
SammyMorgan on 29 Jan 2020, 11:00:09
welp, banned one time, you'll never play this game again
SaikoMene01 on 12 Dec 2018, 21:22:21
I've just been banned today and don't know why. Please unban me.
FlFl0w on 13 Dec 2018, 16:19:20
u have been banned for spamming and speaking non-english
freddy_221 on 22 Mar 2020, 21:19:33
Please disengage me because I like the game and talk to the players, I know I speak in Spanish but I will not do it again but please disengage me. I beg you
-s-o-n- on 3 Mar 2020, 10:40:13
Ahem-ahem, I am writing this a second time. Afanguy, please remove the ban from my account (
I will not spam anymore
YYY I don’t know why I am writing this. But the duration of the ban is very long ((( I feel terrible when I go into the game and register, I see that my account is still banned.
-s-o-n- on 1 Mar 2020, 09:35:31
Hey. I apologize for spamming. I understand that I got a ban just because of this, but I ask .. Unblock my account please. I want to play this good multiplayer again. I promise that I won’t spam anymore. Honestly. My name: -s-o-n-
Yudax on 7 Dec 2019, 01:24:50
Afanguy please remove me the prohibition of mysterytale forbade me to enter by testing the cheat engine that was damaged to see if it was worth it and teleported me and I told an admin that I once put cheats in the game and forbade me to enter....please take out the ban
Jevil0313 on 30 Nov 2019, 22:50:07
Is it possible for me to become an Admin?
TheEndPapyrus on 18 Apr 2019, 20:02:08
I have tried to log in but I keep getting the message
"You must log in with an account"
is there a reason for this
my username was TheEndPapyrus
please allow me to log back on
POODGE on 2 Mar 2019, 20:31:11
Umm I was kinda kicked out of the game while joking with my brother, BoxBoyFanTwenty, about ships and stuff. He was a Jevil and I was a Susie. I this I was banned or something. My username was POODGE.
MrHerobr on 2 Mar 2019, 01:17:02
Sorry but, in having the same problems like the others i just cant log in with my account, when i put my nickname and password says "you must login with an account" an i just dont know why, pls reply me when you can.
CoreNightmareGames on 30 Jan 2019, 05:12:01
i wasnt even banned when i tried to get into the game for the first time please contact me on so you can help me get on the game please
CoreNightmareGames on 30 Jan 2019, 05:09:10
i cant log on it wont let me please help me out
CoreNightmareGames on 30 Jan 2019, 04:36:06
i cant seem to be able to join
Lilyocean101 on 23 Apr 2018, 16:34:22
Dear Afanguy,
I know your game does not allow guest, and I'm not allowed on the game for some reason. Whenever I try to log into the game it says i don't exist. Was I banned or something? Please help. ;w;

Yanlash on 9 Feb 2019, 20:55:24
Im having the same situaiton
it keeps saying
"use an existing account"
Sans_is_a_comic on 18 Mar 2018, 06:55:47
Hi afanguy, I don't know why I am banned for and I don't know what is going on? Maybe one/some of your admin were messing around with your game or something. Please get me unbanned if you feel like it. Thanks ;)
ArcaTheArticFox on 6 Jan 2018, 23:11:16
Hi there afanguy! I just started playing this game. Its good so far and learned about colored tags. I saw orange was VIP + Youtuber. Then, I thought, "Maybe i can be an orange tagged player, but i need to ask permission." So I came here to this website to write what ypur reading (If you are). if you need proof of my channel its here:
vanishedcorn341 on 2 Jan 2018, 01:17:47
hey can i please be unban i really whant to play he game im going to cry im 12 and i had this fajke account is there a rule for impersinateing peopple please unban me
DOMINETGAMES on 13 Feb 2019, 16:03:21
hey i have a problem
When I start my session it says that I do not have an account and I put my correct password.