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The avatar url example is one of the amazing things you can use to see other's avatars. Allow me to explain it's most wonderful things and how I designed it.

So let's say you first start out but you have no avatar yet, so Player A logs in to the game and clicks on yes. He or she needs to provide the url and press enter, next they will need to enter the image's extension [the url extension at the end of the browser url address will be the image's name + extension...] for example (http://example.com/test.png ---> test.png orhttp://example.com/test.jpg ---> test.jpg) then Player A will need to relaunch after changing/creating a new skin which will then the Player A must relogin again and click on no. Viola! You are now logged in and you can see other's skin, sure it might take a little while to download them but they are stored in your cache folder which is where all the images are stored. HTTPS is not supported by all means so if the site contains HTTPS encryption just replace https:// to http://. If you also enter the wrong filename that the file was downloaded from then the image will appear as blank and no one can see your avatar unless you correct it by the Change Avatar button.

DLLs Credits to
HTTP DLL 2 - Maarten Baert (Used to download avatars by reading the gameini and apply it to the other clients.)
CleanMem - Halo Shg (Used to improve the game performance speed.)

Press F2 to login to your gamemakerserver.com account.

Avatars are not stored on TWSICommunity's server. They are hyperlinked to images used in a url.


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Last message on 27 Jan 2020

BonniekawaiidesuG on 15 Apr 2019, 06:24:46
dude too late i already made a 3D version and working
Gamewolf10 (Topicstarter) on 27 Jan 2020, 11:47:06
Uh huh, ok but I am allowed to make a 2D. If i'm not mistaken, game maker server lets anyone create a game no matter if you created the idea first. I know your game works but what's with the flashing that continues. Your games seems to do that alot for player's skin. But like I am not aiming to make a 3D game. There is a game called Whirled and it's a 2D version of it. There was never a 3D whirled out there because it was in flash.
Gamewolf10 (Topicstarter) on 10 Aug 2017, 00:41:53
I'm planning on making it easy. So instead of replying on show_message("") I should display logs in local chat and add a register/login button. After they logged in or registered they will see a message that says "Would you like to change your avatar?". So that will also be on the next update when I get working on it. I will also just design a launcher so it updates everytime you launch the game instead of running the client for it to download as you will only need the launcher and that's it.
Gamewolf10 (Topicstarter) on 8 Aug 2017, 07:21:54
I fixed it where it wouldn't bug out after choosing your skin for the first time or changing it so just ignore where you have to relaunch and proceed as normal.
Gamewolf10 (Topicstarter) on 9 Aug 2017, 02:19:54
I also recommend not putting example.png if you have a different image with a different extension. Like fennekin.jpg when there is a fennekin image that has a jpg extension at the end. If you input the wrong file extension it will only appear as blank.