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Created by TypicalAndy


Welcome to Pixo! Pixo is a 2D Multiplayer Sandbox that you can play with friends or family!

+ Costumes, Hats and more.
+ Creative, build your own place! (Hosting is coming soon)
+ Play awesome events or even watch with us Live Events!
+ Play Admin Places made by TypicalAndy.

Release is 20th July, Season 2 is coming.
*The Download will only be available on the Discord Store.*

Our Discord:

- TypicalAndy, audo, Nostal-ia, Daniel11420: Sprites
- Daniel11420: Website (Still in Development.)
- TypicalAndy: Discord Store Manager
- TypicalAndy, JacApp: Game Developer
- TypicalAndy: The Core Discord Bot Developer & Hosting
- JacApp: Creative Manager

TypicalTeam is Working together with JacApp for Creative. JacApp is developing Blox, Check it out!

- Blox
- Blox Discord

Copyright TypicalTeam 2017-2019

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Last message on 24 Apr 2019

NSXdev on 24 Apr 2019, 14:13:29
I will test this game.