OpenChat [An Open Social Environment]

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[Update 0.1.7]
A new version of OpenChat has been released, in this release, users are able to experience a near complete package. You can log in, join with a randomly generated username or a guest name of your choice! Both rooms have separate chats, allowing for separate conversations to take place, as well as when a user connects, they are randomly assigned a chat colour to help distinguish chatters from one another.

[What IS OpenChat?]
OpenChat, is a small pet project being developed by me! The project focuses on creating a simple chat service to allow users to connect and talk to someone new and maybe strike up a conversation. My final goal for this is to allow people to browse and create their own chat rooms, as well as having more "focused" pre-made rooms for users who want to talk with others about specific topics such as; Gaming, Media or News.

Feel free to comment suggestions, feedback and bugs below :D

[Current GDrive Releases]
- 0.1.0
- 0.1.1
- 0.1.2
- 0.1.3
- 0.1.4
- 0.1.5
- 0.1.6
- 0.1.7 {Latest Version}

**!!I am not responsible for what people say & how people use this tool, please take caution!!**

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