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Welcome to "The Unforgiven"!

"The Unforgiven" is an MMO ACTION SIDESCROLLER currently being developed by Outlier Studios!
Here's the catch, its permadeath!
-Choose from a selection of unique characters
-Build your character as you traverse the unforgiving open world
-Complete side quests for the survivors at the HUB
-Take a companion along the journey, and party up with friends!

-Once you die, its game over and your character is deleted!
-Its not all bad though, if you were smart and stored some of your loot in the stash, you now have-- -a head start for your next character!
-Your companions and cosmetic outfits found will not be lost either

"The Unforgiven" is still being developed by multiple members of the Game Maker Server community, and we welcome anyone who wants to aid in the production!


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Last message on 3 May 2019

Ptown01 (Topicstarter) on 3 May 2019, 02:17:27
There is no date set in place for release as of yet, but if I were to guess I would say that early testers could gain access in as soon as 6 weeks!