Sonic & Knuckles: Team Match Battle

Created by CG_2004


Sonic & Knuckles: Team Match Battle is a Multiplayer Battle Fangame in Teams.

Objective: Reach the max score (max score: 2000), attacking the enemy team.

There's 2 Teams to select: Team Sonic and Team Knuckles.

If you select the team sonic, you'll play as sonic.

If you select the team knuckles you'll play as knuckles.

PS: This Game uses the Game Maker Server extension to play online, so you need to login to enter in the maps of the game. If you don't have an account, don't worry, just write your username and ready. But, it will just work, if nobody has an account with the same username as you. So, use the different username.

To get a Better perfomance in terms of gameplay, you need a low ping during the battle. Maybe a better internet can solve that.

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